Greetings, and our Manifesto

Hello! Welcome to ‘So Long as It’s Words’, a shiny new blog run by Kate and Hannah – two linguists whose areas of research and excitable enthusiasm cover, between them, a vast array of fields. We’re hoping, through this blog, to convey our – frankly – embarrassingly intense and flaily-handed love of language in a way that’s informative and engaging, so you too can get all flaily-handed about words and the like. We will be posting about topical language issues, and issues which are decidedly not topical, and never will be (which is why we love them).

We share many loves (wine, dashing men in cravats, yellow shoes), but chief among those is our love of language and our love of Alan Bennett’s The History Boys. There are several wonderful quotes throughout the play and film, but beyond that, the entire thing just speaks to the heart of our love of language and our love of learning. It’s from this that we’ve taken the title of our blog: ‘so long as it’s words’. Our world view is basically that there is nothing but words; they are everything that is worth knowing, and no matter what words they may be, they’re all ripe for discussion, analysis and investigation. So long as it’s words, it’s OK by us. That basically gives us free reign to write about anything and everything to do with words and language on this blog, and that’s how we like it. So there.

We hope you enjoy reading this as much as we will enjoy writing it, and that our boundless geekery inspires something similar in you.

Hannah and Kate

3 responses to “Greetings, and our Manifesto

  1. This seems Just My Kind Of Thing. Looking forward to lots of wordy word stuff – good luck! (I hope that’s the correct phrase to use when someone’s smashing a bottle off the bow of a new blog. Um.)


    PS – On Saturday I drank wine, wore a cravat for the first time and danced a Scottish dance called The Dashing White Sergeant. If I’d just worn some yellow shoes, I’d have had a full house on your favourite things.

    • If you arrange some yellow shoes, we’ll see what happens. But frankly, you sound like Just Our Kind of Thing, too!

      I can’t believe you wasted a bottle of bubbly by smashing it on the blog.

  2. I am regular visitor, how are you everybody?

    This post posted at this web site is genuinely fastidious.

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