Kate Wiles

Kate has a PhD from the University of Leeds. Her PhD was about Anglo-Saxon scribes and manuscripts, thinking about how scribes were trained to write manuscripts, and how various factors influenced the ways in which they copied texts in Old English. She also has a BA in English Language and Linguistics from the University of Sheffield, and an MA in Historical Language Studies also from the University of Sheffield (she was very happy there despite the rain and the hills).

She’s also very interested in public engagement and in making languages, Linguistics and History fun and interesting for people who aren’t QUITE as very interested in it as she is. She has written for History Today, Huffington Post, The New Statesman, The Guardian, HistoryExtra and History Vault. Kate is also the historical language consultant for the History Channel’s drama Vikings.

When she’s not doing this she goes to a lot of comedy, she watches a lot of TV and films, drinks a lot of rum, and does all sorts of other things to excess. Apart from exercise and maths. She doesn’t do those, not even a little bit, not even at all.

She likes loves lasagne.

Kate on Twitter @Katemond
Kate’s Website

An introductory post entitled “Why Kate Loves Language

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