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Here is a picture of a cat.


That is all.

4 responses to “Contact

  1. Hi–it’s Freya Shipley here, whose “Jesus Ween” post you reblogged yesterday. I’m glad you like it! I made some significant edits after I posted the piece. Could I ask you to go back & adjust your blog to reflect my most recent draft? Cheers! -Freya

    • Hi Freya – REALLY sorry for the delay in replying and sorting this out – both of us are having computer issues at the moment! But I have fixed it now :) Thanks for letting us know! – Hannah

  2. Hi girls – just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying this site. I hope it’s still going. Want to hear how I found it? I just went onto the RTBF (French-language Belgian) news site – which is normally so boring it makes you want to chew your own leg off – and spotted the following headline: “Mais d’où vient donc le juron anglais “Fuck”?”. It gave a direct link to your excellent article.

    I’m not making this up!

  3. Please make more posts, I miss this blog!

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