Hannah Leach

Hannah graduated from Lancaster University in 2010 with a BA in English Language and Linguistics, having spent three years milling about the campus in a t-shirt that read ‘I’m a noun!’ and generally bugging a lot of people by being that little bit too enthusiastic about it all. Following a year working at a publishing company, she packed her t-shirt off to York and completed an MA in Linguistics in summer 2012. After working as a Research Assistant on three linguistics projects for a year, she’s just started a PhD at the University of Sheffield. For the next three years, she’ll be studying the relationship between local accent, identity and changing social history in Stoke-on-Trent, and boring anybody that will listen by harping on about it. No change there, then.

Occasionally, she leaves the house, and when doing so will most likely be found at the theatre, on a trampoline or at pub quiz. Failing that, she’ll be the one indoors crying about Doctor Who. She enjoys custard, brightly coloured tights, pop music and being really, really excited about things.

She also gets far too emotionally invested in Strictly Come Dancing.

Follow Hannah on Twitter @curlybeach/@hm_leach

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